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Ayten TİRYAKİ was born in ORDU/TURKEY in 1961.She finished primary school in ORDU and completed her education in AMASYA ‘High School OF Teacher Training’.She graduated from Ankara University faculty of Theology with master degree in 1983.Along with teaching in İstanbul ,She continued her art Works which she started in her school years.
In 1983,She started to get lessons from Hasan Çelebi in İslamic Calligraphy ,Also she started to follow Tezhib(Türkish İllumination Art) courses in Kubbe Altı Academy.She continued her education with PRF. Dr. Çiçek Derman and İnci Ayan Birol .She got her Tezhib Certificate in 1986 from Prf. Dr. Çiçek Derman.

By doing researches about classical old Tezhib Works ,she became professional. Nowadays ,you can find her art works in between some collection books printed .She also joined a lot of exhibitions in TURKEY and abroad and got prices as shown below.

1-IRCICA İnternational Calligraphy Contest As Best Talent.
2-IRCICA 7. İnternational Calligraphy Mansion Price
3-İBB İstanbul Contests Mansion Price
4-Albaraka Turk's Traditional Calligraphy Contest Mansion price (sulus)
5-Albaraka Turk's Traditional Calligraphy Contest Mansion Price (Sulus nesh)

6-DİB Kur'an-ı kerim

      She learned Arabic and English.She got retired as teacher from Quran Courses Ministery of Religon.She continues to do her art works together with her students and gives Hat and Tezhib lessons .She is married and has 3 children

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